Summer (and Spring) Reads

One of my goals in the last year was to read more. Forming a reading group with my friends and being a teacher gave me ample opportunity to explore books that I had my eye on, and titles that I had been recommended to read by others. Here are the books I've been reading this past summer and spring. "Pachinko" by Min Jin Lee was a profound meditation on the struggles of being an immigrant in country that looks down on your culture, as well as how that experience can effect generations to come. "The Postman Always Rings Twice" by James Cain is a classic crime novel that explores how fate eventually catches up to you. If you are looking for an escape, this one is for you. "Her Right Foot" by Dave Eggers is a children's book with a relevant message for all ages. Weaving humor and history, it tells the story of the Statue of Liberty and the subtle message she is communicating to the world. "Trauma Stewardship" by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky is an educational resource for those working in helping professions. It provides a path to effective self-care and tools for recognizing how challenging jobs can effect those engaging in service-orientated work. Finally, the gripping and detailed, "Fact of A Body: A Murder and A Memoir" by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, tells the true story of a gristly crime. A few of my friends and I read this and it prompted a very spirited conversation.

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