Our Team of Professional Coaches 


Sean McCormick, MS Ed. 

Founder |  Coach Trainer 

With over ten years of  experience working directly with students and young adults, Sean has the experience and skills to help clients meet their goals and accomplish their dreams.


Sean has developed a seamless proccess for identifying goals, helping clients make consistent progress, and see you to the finish line! 

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Morgan Siegel

Executive Function Coach 

Hello, my name is Morgan Siegel and I am a third year Mathematics Major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo concentrating in Education. I have a lot of experience tutoring students in person and recently through online distance learning with middle school and high school students. I enjoy motivating students to grow in the classroom and watching them have fun through learning. I also enjoy a good math joke!


Ellie Krantz

Executive Function Coach 

My name is Ellie Krantz and I am a third year student studying City and Regional Planning at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I’m passionate about helping students reach their goals through problem solving and accountability. I strive to create a personal connection with my students to foster a positive learning environment. In my free time I enjoy surfing, ceramics, and discovering new music on Spotify. I cannot wait to start working with you! 

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Desmond Fambrini

Learning Specialist

Desmond Fambrini is an education specialist, certified high performance coach, and avid supporter of all “xxpressive” artistic and academic practices. He grew up in The Bay Area with a loving and supportive family that allowed him to explore his passions. He found that despite being diagnosed with learning differences, he was able to transcend expectations time and time again through highly tailored education support that allowed him to refine his natural talents and provide skills in growth areas. Learn more about Desmond @ www.xxpressions.org


Emmanuel Price, MS Ed. 

Executive Function Coach

Emmanuel Price knows what it takes to achieve goals. As a standout college athlete and graduate of Teach for America, Emmanuel loves to see his clients exceed their goals and expectations. 

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Ethan Grasso

Executive Function Coach 

My name is Ethan, and I'm a third-year Mechanical Engineering major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I enjoy helping students find unique methods of managing their coursework and extracurriculars, while still having time to experience life. I'm a strong believer that we can accomplish anything through hard work and responsibility. 


Maya Pugatch

Director of Marketing

Hello! My name is Maya Pugatch and I am a third year Business Administration student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, concentrating in Entrepreneurship and minoring in Psychology. I have always loved meeting new people and exploring new ideas, so I knew that I wanted to pursue a career path in outreach and business development. The idea of adding new and positive value to the world is something that I want to pursue in my career path, so I love being able to aid in reaching out to those who would benefit from Marin Ed Services. Outside of school and work, I enjoy art, design, exploring new places, and volunteering at the Cal Poly Cat Program!

Sean McCormick | Certificated Education Specialist #190142979

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