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Spring 2021 Academic Management Services 

Do you want to stop worrying each day that your student knows if any assignments are missing or due later that night? 


Do you want help coordinating tutoring appointments on days when your student cannot figure out how get their homework done? 


If so, Academic Management is a perfect fit for you. With Academic Management your student will be paired with an Academic Manager who will check in everyday (yes everyday) to make your student aware of any missing assignments, assignments that are due that night, or big projects that are coming up. 


If your student needs help, your Academic Manager will work with you to set up a problem solving session (additional fee) ASAP to make sure your student gets the exact support they need to complete their assignments and stay on track.  


$75 per week, billed monthly, one month deposit required in advance. 


$240 billed monthly (20% discount). 

Sean McCormick | Certificated Education Specialist #190142979

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