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Do you want your student to feel more confident about speaking with their teachers? 


If your answer was "yes" to any of the questions above, you've come to the right place.

Keep reading to learn about Sean's background working with a variety of learners and the different approaches that can be taken to support your needs. 

What are our areas of expertise?  

Led by Sean McCormick, our team's areas of expertise are Academic Coaching, ADHD Coaching, and Transition Coaching. Learn more about Sean's experience and background here. 

Academic Coaching may include helping students improve their executive functioning skills, developing appropriately challenging plans for coursework, and improving communication skills to collaborate with school staff, family and other stakeholders. 

ADHD Coaching may include helping clients with the challenges of daily living, task-initiation, and time management, as well as developing an individualized goal-setting and progress-monitoring process.  

Transition Coaching may include managing the transition from high school to college, completing informational interviews with people in a field of interest, developing a personalized planning system, and more. 

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What Are People Saying? 

See recent feedback from my clients 

...switching to online schooling was difficult, but my academic coach, Sean McCormick, created a google spreadsheet that has helped me dramatically with planning and completing assignments. I began working on myself since I had extra time, and now I have been focusing on my body and health…. 

Bryce, High School Student

Our Team Approach

Working with a team of specialists, we work together to assess, plan, and support learning needs of each client. We utilize executive function coaches to ensure all students are on track and collaborate with mental health professionals to ensure their social and emotional needs are met.


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Who are our clients? 

Our clients typically range from middle school to adulthood. Most clients present with some symptoms of ADHD that are causing personal, academic, or professional challenges over an extended period of time. These may include an inability to break large goals into smaller tasks, difficulties in communicating effectively with adults or colleagues, and more.


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